Keppel and White  -  comedy dancers
The sand dance. I saw them on the stage a few times. They had this rolled-out wooden mat and were dressed as Egyptians and had an urn. They would spread sand from the urn and would do the sand dance on the mat. This was their act. In those days the same material would last many years because they would travel all over the country with it, not like in today’s TV age.
Harry Lauder  -  singer
I never actually saw him perform, my mother did. It would be in the twenties. He came from Scotland and sang his famous song “Keep Right On To The End Of The Road”.

Carol Levis  -  impresario
He was an impresario. I was on his show at Wolverhampton Hippodrome in about 1950 and so was my sister. My sister Sally sang “The Holy City” with a tape recording in the background. It was a terrible recording, which kept going quiet and then loud. Carol Levis was a Canadian who used to be on the radio with the Carol Levis Show.

Josef Locke  -  singer
He was a brilliant singer. He only died within the last five years. He had to leave the country to avoid paying tax and he moved to Ireland. He was Irish of course and his popular song was called “Goodbye”.

Dennis Lotis  -  singer
He was a straight singer, very popular

Bella Lugosi  -  actor
He was an American who played a vampire. He played a Rumanian or East European and had piercing eyes. When he came on the stage there was blue smoke and a beautiful girl in a negligee on the bed and he would bite her neck. I only saw him once but he played a vampire in a lot of films. He was the original vampire.

Bill Maynard  -  all-round entertainer
Bill Maynard was a stand-up, good clean comedian. In the late 50s he was very thin and extremely sharp.
Bernard Miles  =  character actor
He was a patron of the Mermaid Theatre. He played a country yokel and came on with a barrow and a big grindstone and pretended to grind knives. He would talk with a strong country accent and also had a few parts in films.
Max Miller  -  comedian
He was good, I saw him about three times. I only saw him at Dudley because I had a free pass there. He didn’t come very often, he appeared in London mostly because he lived in Brighton. After the show they would book a carriage for him to get away, but he was as mean as old Nic’, Max was, and he would stand on the stage and tell dirty jokes, there will never be another like him. He used to come on, very loud with a big tie, plus fours, bright socks and this white big 'Panama'  hat, like a cowboy’s hat. He was good, very good. 

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