Introduction by Bev Parker

Many people will fondly remember the Wolverhampton Hippodrome that stood on the site of Yates’ Wine Lodge in Queen Square. I recently met Barry Davies at Bantock House and couldn’t miss the opportunity to talk to him. He was, and still is an excellent impressionist and actually performed on stage at the Hippodrome. He was an avid theatre goer and regularly saw performances at the Wolverhampton Hippodrome and Dudley Hippodrome. Barry has drawn-up the following list of some of the acts that performed there from the 1930s to the 1950s and has added his memories of them. This was a time before television became the dominant form of entertainment. You could only see well-known performers and their acts when you visited the local theatre.

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It was most enjoyable talking to Barry and listening to his reminiscences. While we were talking he couldn’t resist doing some of his impressions, which were very funny and extremely accurate. I hope you enjoy his recollections. They give an insight into what theatre going was about in the past, and if you are old enough, they will bring back memories.

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