In modern times, shopping has changed dramatically, due to superstores and the internet. A hundred years ago all the main stores were located in town and city centres, only small family-run shops could be found in the suburbs.

Shops have always had to cater for people's needs, as well as changes in fashion and lifestyle, and have evolved accordingly. Some have fallen by the wayside whereas others have thrived. This has always been the case, since shops first appeared on the high street.

In this section I am attempting to give a flavour of shopping in the past, and to recall some of the more recent closures, many of which would have been unimaginable, only a few years ago.

A hundred years ago Chapel Ash was a thriving shopping area with a wide variety of shops, which catered for people's everyday needs.
1.   Shopping in Dudley Street in the late 19th century.
2.   Shops in the mid 19th century.


  Shops that have disappeared.
In anyone has any old photographs of long-gone shops, or adverts for them, that could be included in this section, please send me an email. I will be delighted to hear from you.

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