A chronological list of events from Wolverhampton's past


History is all about what happened and when. A simple way to record events from the past is to list them in chronological order and include dates where possible. The Wolverhampton of today has evolved because of numerous events from the past and a list of such events can give an insight into how they have caused the changes that make us what we are today.

I have produced a chronological list of events and dates from the earliest recorded history to the present. It is based on lists in the Wolverhampton Red Books, articles in many of the Wolverhampton history books and newspaper articles. It is a long list and so I have split it up into sections. The list can be viewed by selecting sections of your choice from the buttons on the right.

The list is by no means complete and much more can be added, particularly from recent years. If you can add an event, with a date, please send me an email.