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This article is based on "St. John's in the Square: a brief History and Guide"; "A History of the Renatus Harris Organ in St. John's Church, Wolverhampton"; and "Windows into the Past", all by Peter Hickman. The original printed versions can all be purchased at the church.

This web version is copyright Peter Hickman 2002.

We are grateful to Derek Thom for the use of his photos.  The photos of the windows are by Peter Hickman.  Unacknowledged photos are by Frank Sharman.


This article is arranged in the following parts. Please click on the links below.

The New Church - the building of the church

Maintenance and Restoration - work carried out on the church since its first building

The Exterior of the Church - a guide to the external features of the church

The Interior of the Church - a guide to the internal features of the church

The Windows in the Church - a guide to the windows and to the people commemorated by them

The Renatus Harris Organ - the history of the famous organ 

Further Reading

1 Much of the information in this article results from the patient researches of the late Mr John S. Roper, who published "A History of St John's Church Wolverhampton" in 1958. It is a scholarly and detailed history of the church.

2 J S Roper, "Historic Buildings of Wolverhampton", 1957.

3 G P Mander and N W Tildesley, "History of Wolverhampton", 1960.

4 Betty Dawson, "St John's 1750 to the late nineteenth century", 1986

5 A small number of St John's records are in the Diocesan Records Office, Lichfield.

6 Most of St John's records and all the early Parish registers are in the County Records Office, Stafford.

7 The Roper Collections are in the Wolverhampton Archives.

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