Wolverhampton's Listed Buildings

244, 246, 248, 250, 252, 254, 256, 258, 260, 262, 264

Bridgnorth Road

Listing: c.1890, by Edward Ould for Theodore Mander. Vernacular Revival style. Built as part of a planned village for the Wightwick Manor estate, not completed.

Comment: The photo shows a few of these houses which were built, ribbon development style, along the road. Whatever "Vernacular Revival" might mean, it does not alter the fact that these are in Mander's favoured style, Mock Tudor. Wightwick Manor (the apotheosis of Mock Tudor) lies just above these buildings; and Castlecroft Gardens (in a sort of authentic mock Tudor) is not far away.

If you are looking for these buildings in the official list, you will find them under "Bridgenorth Road". We prefer the more usual "Bridgnorth" (as do the inhabitants of Bridgnorth).