Leslie Hutchinson  -  singer
He was a coloured singer who came to Wolverhampton and Dudley a number of times. He was a brilliant pianist, one of his number ones was “When you begin the begine”. He always wore a proper dress suit and had a red carnation. He would carry a silk handkerchief and in-between songs would mop his brow as part of the act. He was a stiff guy, known as “Hutch”.
The Ink Spots  -  singing group
They came in the 40s, very popular they were. I saw them at Dudley but they would have been at Wolverhampton as well. There were four of them and they sang “Bless You For Being An Angel”. Quite a lot of other coloured singers copied them, but they were the originals.  
Nat Jackly  -  comedian
He was a north countryman, very comical but mainly with your eyesight. He had a big snooker table on and he came on and had a very long neck, they called him ‘rubber neck’. He had a silly little hat and was trying to show you how to play snooker. The last part always brought the house down. He had a red ball and the cue, and the cue went all the way through the table. He was very good to watch.

Jimmy James  -  comedian
One of the best that I saw was a drunken comedy. There was Jimmy James and a tall “gorky” guy called Eli, who always wore a grey mack and a cap. One famous comedian who played Eli when he was 16 was Roy Castle, that’s how he started. Eli was the straight man, the stooge and Jimmy James would make fun of him. Jimmy always came on the stage pretending to be drunk with a broken cigarette hanging from between his lips. His signature tune was “Moonlight and Roses”.

Jimmy Jewel and Ben Warriss  -  comedy act
I saw them, they were very popular.

Alan Jones  -  singer
He was a singer whose famous song was “Donkey Serenade”. He was in a film with Paul Robeson called “Showboat” and was the tenor in the film.

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