Lost Buildings of Wolverhampton

Towns lose old buildings through demolition and redevelopment. If a town is dead or dying there is little pressure for redevelopment and many old buildings remain in use because nobody wants, or can afford, to redevelop. Since the nineteenth century, and increasingly in the twentieth century, new buildings have been given deeper and deeper foundations, and this results in all traces, even archaeological ones, being destroyed forever.

Because Wolverhampton was, for centuries, a thriving and prosperous place, many heritage buildings have been lost in this way. But one of Wolverhampton's major economic bases was the engineering industry. In recent years that industry has been in steep decline and this has also meant that much interesting industrial archaeology has been lost. The surprising thing is that such a great deal remains and that there is such a long list of valuable listed buildings.

On this page I hope to give some information about some of the lost buildings. As always suggestions and contributions are welcome.


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