A History of Penn and its People by Bev Parker.

Memories of Penn Common by Elsie Littlewood. Elsie's childhood memories of her life on the common.

A Childhood Reminiscence by Anne Knight. Her childhood memories of Penn.

Frank Batkins's Recollections of Penn, Castlecroft, his father and childhood. Recollections of Frank's early years in Penn and Castlecroft, and his father's barber's shop.

Penn Hall by Angus Dunphy . A history of an important local building.

The History of Penn United Reformed Church by Bev Parker.

Wodehouse Mill by Bev Parker

St. Bartholomew's Church by James Gale. The story of the old church.

A Guide to St. Bartholomew's Church by Peter Burden. An interesting guide to a lovely building.

Springdale Church by Bev Parker.

Penn Brickworks by Bev Parker.

Penn Village in the 20th Century by Bev Parker.

Some Farms and Fields at Upper Penn by Bev Parker.

Mary Harding's Memories of Penn Hospital by Bev Parker.

Penn Brewery by Bev Parker.

The Early Years of Penn Cricket Club by Bev Parker.

Old Shops and Pubs of Penn by Bev Parker.

The Woodlands by Bev Parker.

St. Catherine's Convalescent Home by Bev Parker.

Upper Penn in the 19th Century by Bev Parker.

Penn in 1843 by Bev Parker.

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