Wolverhampton's Listed Buildings


Bow Street:
Numbers 1 to 4

Broad Street:
Number 10
Numbers 72 to 78 (Rose Villas)

Cemetery Street:
Main entrance to Bilston Cemetery

Chapel Street:
Congregational Church

Church Street:
Cast iron monuments

Hickman Monument
The Market Tavern
Number 83
The Retreat

Hall Street:
Pipe Hall / Top Cats (Roar Night Club).

High Street:
Number 22, former Seven Stars public house
Greyhound and Punchbowl Inn (Grade II*)
Number 61. Co-op funeral directors

Highfields Road:
Triangle Snooker Club, a former cinema

Lichfield Street:
Number 8. Barclays Bank and Chambers
Number 20. The White Rose
Number 22
Number 24
Number 26 (The Old Parsonage)
Former Town Hall
The Coach House, near number 24
Former Wood's Palace Cinema

Mount Pleasant:
Number 2
Number 4
Number 34 (Old Tramway Offices)
Library and Craft Gallery
Former Drill Hall
Former Technical School
Beldray Offices and Factory
Police Station

Newbolt Road:
The Samson & Lion public house

Oxford Street:
Holy Trinity Church
St. Mary's Church (Grade II*), the Cooper Memorial, walls, gates and railings
The Oak & Ivy public house
War Memorial and gardens

Prosser Street:
Stonefield Primary and Secondary School

Prouds Lane:
Former Health Clinic
Villiers Junior and Infant School

Shale Street:
Rose Villas

Villiers Square:
The Villiers Arms public house

Walsall Street:
St. Leonard's Church and various monuments

Wellington Road:
Number 1 (Ivy House)
Numbers 1a and 1b
Number 3 (Waterloo House)
Forward Shoe Works

Wilkinson Street:
Coronation Park

Windsor Road:
Former Girl's High School

Wolverhampton Street:
Hickman Park