Wolverhampton's Listed Buildings

Street Name Index


Bath Road:
The King's Church

Birmingham New Road:
G.K.N. Technology Research Laboratory and offices
Mid-19th century sewer pipe

Birmingham Road:
The Foresters Arms public house

Bilston Road:
New Inn

Birches Barn Road:
Beckminster House, its entrance gateway and front wall
Birches Barn House, 68 Birches Barn Road
Beckminster Methodist Church
Stone wall at Pennfields School

Bow Street, Bilston:
Numbers 1 to 4

Bridgnorth Road:
Lock House
Numbers 244, 246, 248, 250, 252, 256, 258,  260, 262, 264
Netherton House, 302 Bridgnorth Road
The Swan Inn

Broad Street, Bilston:
Number 10
Numbers 72 to 78 (Rose Villas)

Broad Street, Wolverhampton:
Amar House

Bushbury Lane:
Bushbury Hall
Farm buildings near Bushbury Hall
St. Mary's Church, cross and monuments

Bushbury Road:
The former Newbolds farmhouse, including 5 Wimborne Road