Wolverhampton's Listed Buildings

Street Name Index


St. Andrew's Close:
St. Andrew's Church

St. George’s Parade:
St. George's Church

St. John’s Square:
King's House
St. John's Church (Grade II*), its gates, piers, etc.

St. Mark’s Road:
Gates to Wolverhampton Electricity Club
Supatile Building

St. Philip’s Avenue:
Air raid shelter at number 42

Sandy Lane
St. Joseph's Convent

School Road, Tettenhall:
Former School and Library

School Street:
Market Building
Number 7

Shale Street, Bilston:
Rose Villas

Showell Circus:
The Bushbury Arms public house
Low Hill Branch Library

Skinner Street:
Mecca Bingo (The Odeon)

Snow Hill:
The Central Library (Grade II*)
The Church of St. Mary & St. John (Grade II*)
Numbers 28, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36 and 37

Stafford Road:
Clock tower, former Goodyear tyre factory
Elston Hall Primary School

Stafford Street:
Former Drill Hall (Number 184)
The Hogshead public house
The Varsity public house (listed as Lichfield Road)

Steelhouse Lane:
The Summerhouse public house

Stockwell Road, Tettenhall:
Numbers 2 to 4 (even)
Numbers 16 to 24 (even)
Number 29 (Stockwell End Cottage)
Stockwell House
Stockwell End House
The Old Farmhouse

Stowheath Lane:
The Clock Tower, Bandstand, Lodge Gates and walls - East Park

Stubbs Road:
Telephone Exchange

Summerfield Road:
Numbers 1, 2, 3 and 4
Numbers 7 and 8

Sun Street:
The Great Western public house
Low Level Station, gates and gatepiers